List of Contents of the NEVA/ISSN

Concern: NEVA/ISSN

Up to now, 3 cumulative Lists of Contents of the NEVA were published in print in the years 1989, 1991, and 1994.

Erstes Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis 1989
Gesamtverzeichnis 1989

2. Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis 1991
Gesamtverzeichnis 1991

3. Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis 1993
Gesamtverzeichnis 1993


Since 1999 a regularly updated version of the cumulative list of contents can be found in the World Wide Web (see here). Under cost reasons it is quite unlikely that a new printed version will be published within a forseeable time.

On July 5th, 1999 we received a letter of the “ISSN Centre Germany” (within the German National Library, Frankfurt am Main) in which we were provided with a new ISSN for the Cumulative Lists of Contents of the NEVA, as far as printed versions are dealt with.

However, this ISSN is explicitely not valid for online publications within the WWW!

This ISSN is 1438–4892.

Herewith we make this ISSN formally public. Although it is quite unlikely that it will be used adequately within a forseeable time.

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