Membership in Entomologischer Verein Apollo (including Subscriptions)

Become a member of Entomologischer Verein Apollo!

The society Entomologischer Verein Apollo e.V. (founded 1897) is a non–commercial entomological society for amateur and professional entomologists and insect–lovers based in the city of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

To become a member and to receive the journal NEVA regularly, print out the Membership Application Form on your own printer, fill it in and mail it with your signature to the address provided.

PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader).

The annual membership fee is € 45.00 for regular and corresponding members, € 25,00 für pupils and students (please send a legitimation from your school or university etc. annually!).

Note for students: If the annual student’s legitimation is not automatically received at the begin of a new year, the normal membership fee will be expected!

For members with a German bank account, we recommend to fill in the integrated part “Abbuchungserlaubnis” of our new membership application form. Members who did not yet provide us with this form can print out the separate form “Abbuchungserlaubnis”, fill it in and mail it to the address provided.

Any issues will only be sent out after receipt of the money. See also the instructions “How to pay”!

Please do not forget as a member to inform us immediately about all changes in your personal data (moving, new account, new email address, changes in the field of interest, no longer student at reduced rate, etc.)!

  1. The easiest way is to send an email with the new data to the gchairman of the Apollo, Dr. W. Eckweiler: w.eckweiler[at]apollo-frankfurt[dot]de.
  2. Or use the new form (Membership Application Form) for changes, print it out, fill it in and fax or mail it to the secretary W. Eckweiler.
  3. Or (with a changed bank account in Germany only) fill in the form „SEPA-Lastschriftmandat” and mail it to the cashier A. Bogner.

The Apollo society is the editor of the entomological journal „NEVA”. Membership in Apollo is a prerequesite to obtain the journal. The normal issues of NEVA will be sent free to all members by surface mail (air mail ist to be payed separately).

New Supplementa are sold at a special, much cheaper, members’ price to all members (one copy per member only, additional copies must be payed at the normal rate) ordering it. The prices for Supplements are depending on the number of pages and colour plates included, and on the rate of funding. They will be announced individually after publication. Orders can be placed singly, and delivery comes after payment.

An automatic subscription of Supplement issues (and other special issues) can only be obtained by members with a German bank account having provided us with an “Abbuchungserlaubnis”. Else orders for new Supplements must be placed individually and pre–payed before delivery. Non–members can order Supplementa probably more easily from the international entomological book trade. For example, the bookstore Antiquariat Goecke & Evers usually has our Supplementa regularly in stock.

Further background information about the journal can be found in the pages about the History of NEVA (at present only available in German language).

Exchange of publications with other societies, museums, research institutes etc. concerning other entomological or biological scientific journals is possible, contact us: editor[at]apollo-frankfurt[dot]de.

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