How to Pay

Annual Membership Fees

For members with a German giro account the best method is to allow us to draw the annual membership fees directly from your German account (use the form). In all other cases the annual fee must be payed regularly at the begin of the year without prior invoicing.

Please follow the rules provided below, so that your money will be received by us safely and in full amount. If you do not pay regularly, you will be reminded (which will cost you an increasing reminding fee!) three times, and the mailing of the NEVA issues will be suspended during this time. Multiple reminding without resulting payment can lead to court and will lead to the expelling from the Apollo society!


How to Pay:

Important: Please, always pay in such a way that no bank expenses are to be payed by the Apollo! The full amount of money must be received by us without any reductions! Mailing will only take place after receipt of the full sum!

  1. The best method for someone with a German giro account: Allow us to directly draw the money from your German giro account (by filling in the form)!
  2. Transfer the sum to our Bank Giro Account (payable to Apollo c/o A. Bogner) within the European Union:
    Volksbank Dreieich–Langen
    IBAN: DE71505922000000047333
  3. Send the money by International Postal Money Transfer to the cashier’s address:
    Anton Bogner
    Theodor–Heuss–Straße 56
    D–63225 Langen, Germany
    E–Mail: kassa[at]apollo-frankfurt[dot]de
  4. Send a Cheque (in [Euro] with a separate additional amount of at least € 15.00 for bank expenses included, payable to Apollo c/o A. Bogner) to the cashier’s address:
    Anton Bogner
    Theodor–Heuss–Straße 56
    D–63225 Langen, Germany

Warning: If you send a cheque but do not add the necessary € 15.00 for bank expenses, you will not receive the full order! All bank expenses for transferring the money MUST be covered by the person ordering!

Too often we have had problems with non–Euro bank cheques or other non–standardized methods of payment and lost enormous sums of money thereby. Therefore we will and can no longer accept any payment at our disadvantage!

NOTE: Since January 31, 2004, German banks do no longer accept payment from abroad by credit cards in the way presented here formerly! The monthly total of credit card payments is far too low for the Apollo to take part in a different system, which is still working, but not applicable for us.

We suggest that either the money is sent in Euro banknotes by airmail (at the sender’s risk), or international postal money transfer should be used. Please preferably do not send checks; bank fees for cashing these are far too high, although we already have added 15 Euros for that purpose! We must receive the full sum without any losses!

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